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Who's Who

Mr. T Pye               Headteacher 


Mrs. W Down          Office Manager 

Mrs. J Mace             Admin Assistant 

Mrs. D Gallier          Family Liaison Officer (FLO) 

Mrs. L Coldwell                                              SENCo 

Mrs. K Christie                                   Pastoral Lead 

                      Mrs. J Thorne        Speech and Language Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. K O’Ryan                 Class Cover Supervisor   


    Mr. A Smith         Site Manager

Mrs. L Ines               Cleaner

Ms. M Rees              Cleaner 


Reception: Bumblebee Class  

Mrs. K Martin Class Teacher / EYFS and KS1 Leader

Miss. N Wilson Class Teaching Assistant 

Miss L Lewis Class Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. J Stuart Class Teaching Assistant  


Year One 

Ms H Ferrett Class Teacher 

Ms. K Finn Class Teaching Assistant

Ms. H Johnson Class Teaching Assistant (1:1)  

Ms. B Gates Teaching Assistant -Interventions


Year Two 

Mrs. S Hiller Class Teacher  

Mrs. E Cork Class Teaching Assistant 


Year Three 

Mrs L Bruce Class Teacher

Mrs E Szakacs Teaching Assistant   

Miss S Tubb Teaching Assistant Apprentice

Miss. N Jennings Class Teaching Assistant (1:1)


Year Four  

Miss M Bean Class Teacher 

Mrs. N Cook Class Teaching Assistant


Year Five 

Miss A Oxberry Class Teacher  

Miss A Le Conte Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs. H White Teaching Assistant- Interventions


Year Six  

Mrs. S Brown Class Teacher/ Deputy Head 

Ms. J Hayes Class Teacher 

Mrs. L Taljaard Class Teaching Assistant 


Additional Staff 

Mrs. A Metcalfe MMS 

Mrs. T Matthews MMS 

Mrs. D Swain MMS 

Mrs. G Greensmith MMS 

Mrs. K Mitchell MMS  

Mrs J Smith MMS

Miss J Woodcock MMS 

Mrs. Julia Quinlan MMS 

Ms J Stone MMS

Ms D Yelding MMS 

Ms S Adnett MMS

Ms G Moore MMS 

Ms. N Palmerton MMS


To confirm there are no members of staff whose gross salary exceeds £100K