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Reading and Phonics

Canterbury Road Primary School 

Reading Vision Statement 

At Canterbury Road Primary School, reading is at the heart of the curriculum. We believe that being able to read and enjoying reading is key to improving pupil’s life chances, enhancing aspirations and supporting other areas of learning.  Through reading, children learn about the world around them, can escape from their daily life and fire their imagination.   


  At Canterbury Road, we select a wonderfully diverse and wide range of texts for lessons and for the children to read at home. These texts are chosen to engage, challenge and excite our pupils and promote a life-long love of reading.  They enable children to learn and practise not just the mechanics of reading but to enter different worlds and promote, encourage and extend language and vocabulary.  We use high-quality picture books (KS1 and KS2), novels, non-fiction texts and Shakespeare plays ensuring a diverse experience of reading material. In this way, the world is opened to children and issues are explored and discussed.   


We immerse pupils in books throughout the school and school day, and the use of engaging texts inspires discussion and fosters inquisitiveness, facilitating our pupils’ development to become independent thinkers.