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Curriculum Statement for Physical Education (PE)

Our P.E curriculum encourages children to develop physical skills through a variety of movement and sporting activities. It is our aim to engage children in a variety of movement and sport from a young age. Each child will develop an understanding and enjoyment of both their own and others abilities and learn to challenge their own performance.  Children will be encouraged to develop a positive competitive spirit whilst understanding the need for resilience and fair play through teamwork and cooperation.  Lessons are engaging, challenging, enjoyable and accessible to all.  We provide opportunities for pupils to work as a team and to compete against peers and other schools. Through our rich curriculum including outdoor adventurous activities we enable children to test the boundaries of what they can achieve.

Pupils participate in weekly PE lessons delivered by school staff or by external providers who are specialists in their area.  Children have twice daily access to a large playground with adventure play equipment and other resources. They also have access to an AstroTurf football pitch during lunchtime. School provides a variety of free sports’ clubs across year groups including football, netball and dance. 
PE in the Reception class is based around core skills including balance and co-ordination. Children in the EYFS develop their physical skills daily through two sessions of CI time when they have free access to a large open outside area as well as climbing opportunities, bikes, balls etc.  Children also have a weekly PE lesson where fundamental skills are taught through a variety of activities.
Our curriculum ensures full coverage and progression across the breadth of the National Curriculum and is based on the Merton Sports Partnership scheme. This was chosen as it has a clear progression of skills and knowledge across a range of sports and includes comprehensive materials to support staff to deliver high quality lessons.
Each year the children experience a range of sports including games, athletics, gymnastics, dance and in Key Stage 2 outdoor adventure activities.  In Years 4, 5 and 6 the children visit the local swimming pool where they learn to swim at least 25m in different strokes and learn basic life-saving skills. This is taught by the pool’s qualified teachers.  In Year 5 and 6, the children explore adventurous activities through off site residentials which challenge them and supports confidence, resilience and perseverance.  The curriculum is designed so that skills are revisited to reinforce, practise and develop expertise.   
Through planned events and activities, the children have opportunities to compete in games and tournaments with children from other schools, developing teamwork, competitive skills and good sportsmanship.  These events may be competitive or may be used to develop in interest in new sports or encourage physical activity or co-operation.  The school also holds an annual Sports’ Morning to celebrate physical activity and expertise and foster team work and a sense of community.  

This celebration event with parents/carers is a mix of competitive races and mixed age group events designed to be fun, engaging and utilise skills learnt.
The school engages with the SSSP and actively supports local events. 

Our PE curriculum is engaging and enables children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of sports and activities.  As a result, children develop skills to apply in a variety of sports and activities.  Pupils learnt about how to live a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise.  They have the opportunity to participate competitively both against themselves, their peers and others, learning to be a good sports-people, work in a team and have positive attitudes towards physical activity.  They are able to recognise and celebrate success in themselves and others and demonstrate perseverance and acceptance.