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School Money, Teachers2Parents, Tapestry

Canterbury Road Primary School uses Eduspot School Money and Teachers2Parents for online payments (except school dinners) and our school communication app. Parents can download the app here

Tapestry is the online learning journal for Early Years used in our Bumblebee class. Parents can download the app here


Tapestry is used in our Reception class to update parents and share your child's learning and daily activities. Information regarding Tapestry was provided in your starter pack when your child joined our reception class. Please speak to Mrs Martin if you do not have access to this. Photos, observations and letters will all be sent to parents via Tapestry.

Teachers2Parents allows us to communicate quickly and effectively with our parents on a daily basis. In an effort to make our school eco-friendly as much information will be emailed to parents including new school menus, letters, newletters and information about school trips. Parents can download the app to receive messages or messages can be sent to their mobile via text. Parents can reply by text or email to this messages to quickly contact the school. 

Please make sure school has up to date mobile contact number and email address for you. Some messages from Teachers2Parents may go into the junk folder, so please check regularly. 

Schoolmoney is our effective online payment system for school trips and Breakfast Club. Parents can pay online in whole or part pay for school activities and have easy access to their spending and their child's account. Please talk to the school office if you are having trouble accessing schoolmoney. 


The majority of payments at school are paid using school money. We remind parents that school dinners are provided by a catering company and have their own website for ordering and paying for meals.