Governing Body Statement of Action and Impact 2015


This annual statement, in line with DfE recommended good practice, outlines the activities of the governing body over the past twelve months and how it has fulfilled its responsibilities in terms of strategic direction, financial management, and overall performance improvement in all aspects.

At Canterbury Road School we have an enthusiastic and committed Governing Body. All governors work to ensure the effective management of the school, alongside the Headteacher and the school’s Senior Leadership Team. Governors are volunteers who contribute a range of skills from a variety of backgrounds, but all with the same aim of continually improving the school.

Our Governors include representatives from the local community, parents of the school and school staff.  Governors have a close relationship with the Headteacher and staff to provide a source of support and challenge.

Strategic Direction

Governors work with the headteacher to formulate the vision for the school and the priorities for the school year. These are based on our ethos, data from the SATs and other tests and assessments and new initiatives.

Governors have specialist areas that they monitor the effectiveness of such as school standards, quality of teaching and learning, SEN, Safeguarding and Health and Safety.  Governors visit school to monitor these areas regularly and feedback their findings and questions to the full governing body.  They also visit for events such as the Carol Concert.

The governing body have agreed and reviewed a number of policies and procedures to be adopted by the School.  They have ensured safeguarding policies and practices are rigorous through regular discussions and reviews in order to fulfil their statutory duties.

Financial Management

Two governors are responsible for monitoring the school budget to ensure good financial management.  Together with the headteacher, finance officer, and the whole governing body they ensure that money and resources are used effectively, legally and proactively to meet the needs of the children.  Spending to fulfil the improvement plans are agreed at the start of each financial year and the budget statement is discussed at each meeting.  A budget statement is analysed each term by the full governing body and issues/questions raised.

Financial management is good and the recent School Financial Values Standards was achieved with no additional actions required.  The governing body has been effective in overseeing arrangements for relating teachers’ pay to performance.  They have discussed the budget and during the year were able to question how spending aligns with the budget, thus ensuring solvency and probity and ensuring financial resources were used effectively. They have monitored how the Pupil Premium grant and the Schools Sports funding have been used and the impact of these. The governing body have sanctioned additional spending in order to promote and support new initiatives arising throughout the year.

Overall performance

Governors monitor the quality of teaching and learning and progress of the children through regular data scrutiny. At each meeting, standards in both of these are shared with the governors by the headteacher and discussed. Governors have first-hand knowledge of these areas from monitoring visits and action to meet needs is discussed and any funding needed agreed.

Governors have a good understanding of data from Kent’s Making Figures Speak and national RAISE data.  From this they can analyse the school’s performance against other schools and previous years.  Their analysis enables decisions about school improvement priorities to be made and monitored over the year. This holds the headteacher to account and enables them to have a strategic overview of the school’s performance.

The governing body has attended extensive training this year including School Vision and Pay and Appraisal.  They are able to carry out their statutory duties effectively and are proactive in ensuring they stay up to date.