Canterbury Road Primary School
‘a friendly, happy place to learn’

  Behaviour policy – summary and explanation for parents

 Our Golden Rule

We are respectful
This means;
We are gentle.
We are kind and helpful.
We are honest.
We look after our things.
We let ourselves and others learn.
We keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves.

Golden time
Each child is entitled to 30 minutes Golden Time on a Friday as a reward for their good behaviour.

House points
These are awarded for keeping the rules, for courtesy, kindness, extra effort etc. The children collect house points for themselves as well as for their houses. The house with the most points each week is the first to choose Golden Time activities for the next week and has use of the adventure playground at lunchtime on the following Monday.
Your child will win certificates for winning house points as follows –

100 points – bronze certificate
300 points – silver certificate
500 points – gold certificate
700 points – Governor’s award.
Certificates will be given out on Friday assemblies.

The house with the most house points will have a non-uniform day on the last day of each term. We will send a letter out the day before to let you know which house has won. Children’s house points are counted throughout the year, team house points re-start at the beginning of every term.

Star of the week
Each week, every teacher chooses a child to be ‘Star of the Week’. This is someone who has done exceptional work, behaved in an outstanding way or achieved highly in some area.  The child’s photo will be displayed in the entrance hall and they will also bring a certificate home so you know how well they have done.
Consequences for breaking rules
If the children break the rules we give a warning.  If behaviour does not improve then a dot is recorded next to the child’s name.  If 3 dots are given in one lesson then the child loses 5 minutes Golden Time.

To give an incentive for the children to improve their behaviour, dots can be won back by conforming to the rules. If the child keeps the rules for a whole lesson (with no dots) then a minute Golden Time is won back.

Time out
If the teacher believes the child just needs some time out to calm down then they may send them to another class for a few minutes.

If a child does not complete work set in the lesson, the child may have to miss break or lunch time to catch up. The year 6 room is supervised each lunchtime for children who need to catch up on work, need some time out to calm down or some TLC. Occasionally the teacher may send unfinished work home to be finished. Children who do not complete their homework may stay in on Friday lunchtime to do it.

Extreme behaviour
For behaviour like fighting or extreme defiance, the child will be sent to the Deputy headteacher, KS1 co-ordinator or the headteacher.  This may result in lost break time, internal or external exclusion and parents will be informed.

Report card
Some children may be given a report card that set out the targets and behaviour expectations for the child. Parents will be informed of this.

There are 3 types of exclusion and parents are always informed.
An internal exclusion is when the child does work set by the class teacher under the supervision of a senior member of staff for a morning, afternoon or all day. They do not have break time with their friends.
A fixed term exclusion is when a child is excluded from school for a day/s. Work is set for this time and should be completed at home.
The last type is when the child has to leave the school permanently and is called a permanent exclusion. 
A managed move to a new school are occasionally used when a child needs a ‘fresh start’.

Our aim is for your child to be safe and happy at school. If you have any concerns, please see the class teacher in the first instance.